Toll free numbers for domestic and international* service

Provider Monthly
US 48 Rate
with LD
"Follow Me"
Kall8 2.00 6.9 No Yes1 Yes Yes
Kall8 2.00 3.22 No Yes1 Yes Yes
CogniWorld 1.50 3.49 yes No No No
PNG 2.50 3 3.9 no No No No
PNG n/a 4 4.25 no No No No
PNG 0.00 4.5 no No No No
Covista 0.00 3.5 Yes No Some No
Unitel 2.50 2.7 Yes No No No
Pioneer 1.00 2.7 Yes No No No
AccuDial 2.00 5.9 No No No Yes
OPEX 2.00 2.95 Yes No No No

Long Distance
Rates at

* Some companies provide international service.  Kall8 can provide a toll-free number that rings in London for 6.9 or Tokyo for 8.  See their list of international rates.

Business users will want to use Kall8 because of the abundance of extra features.  Personal users will appreciate these extra features too.

Rates and features change from time to time.  To be certain of current rates, please visit the web sites of the service providers.  Also, be sure to look at our other products and services.


1.  Some numbers may cost extra.

2.  If call is directed to a VOIP (internet phone) number

3.  If usage is less than $15.00.

4.  $25.00 minimum total usage required.